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God Good and Satan Evil

The words of Mighty God are in the Old and New Testaments. His words are love letters to His human creation. They are about living on life on earth with satan and sins and redemption for salvation by establishing a direct mutual relationship with the Creator God who shows blessings every day and night. The complex process of being alive on earth is under constant attacks by satan while we are trying to prevent dangerous outcomes and not to fall into the abyss of satan.

The humanity has been given free-will by God to choose either the just and right of "good" under the light of God or the dark and wrongs of the "evil" with satan. The Divine Power of God is on our side to protect while we are on a spec of dust of this universe in the eternal fabric of the space and time across the center of the incomprehensible unknown, the home of the Creator God Almighty.

The creation of this universe and the earth we live on are the expressions of His Divine Love to become with us, He wants to empower us from within, with Love and never ending glory. He wants to separate satan's evils from His star light goods. He wants us to have this short time on earth with ethical spirituality while we are on this tiny planet in circular motion around the sun of His.

--Joseph Sener

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