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Girl Stuff: Essentials of the Unglamorous

Let’s Talk About It! GIRL STUFF reveals basic truths about the female body, the way it works from womb to tomb with easy how-to steps and methods. These strategies promote quality of life awareness and habits unique to female health. Intended for females, it is also a useful guide and reference tool for new parents, grandparents and care providers.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Diana is a brave feminist giving us the most comprehensive treatise on women’s genital anatomy and self-care I have ever read. GIRL STUFF is a must for mothers to use as an intelligent and respectful guide to a daughter, it is a must for teens hungering not only for sexual knowledge but affirmation that being female is extraordinary, it is a most reassuring guide for women of childbearing age to prepare, repair and build ongoing strength, and it is even helpful for the aging woman who finds she missed out on this knowledge when younger, but can certainly use now.” --Raven Lang, Mother, Midwife, Women’s Health Practitioner, Dr. of Chinese Medicine, Author of BIRTH BOOK

“GIRL STUFF is fun, informative, educational and a little bit irreverent. It definitely has its niche!” --Carol Leonard, Midwife, Bad Beaver Publisher, Author of LADY’S HANDS, LION’ HEART: A MIDWIFE’S SAGA

“The understanding and care of genital and sexual health with practical descriptions and simple illustrations of biological and emotional developments of girls and women is guided by Diana’s deep affection along the journey. Chapter by chapter, we arrive unexpectedly at a beautiful vision of female autonomy and enlightenment from skills and insights offered in GIRL STUFF.” --Sara G. Burr, Poet, Author, Women’s Studies Educator

--Diana Kraus-Anderson

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