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Gem Magic

Akane Sakura had a wonderful life until she turned nineteen. Then it became more mysterious than wonderful. She had originally lived in Ohio but had to move to Japan to live with an uncle she had never met or heard of after a mysterious fire had burned down her house, almost killing her family and leaving behind her long-time friend Todd who was nineteen, had green hair and green eyes, and was a cop.

She only knew that her uncle had children of his own—two boys and two girls. The boys’ names were Ichirou Isamu and Jirou Hisoka. The girls’ names were Amaya Hisoka and Sumiko Suzu. Ichirou Isamu was the eldest. He welcomed Akane Sakura in with an open mind and open arms. But his brother Jirou Hisoka wasn’t liking the newcomer.

Jirou Hisoka, being the second oldest and having a past history of getting in trouble with the cops, basically disliked everyone he met at first, but he did end up caring about the few friends he had.

Amaya Hisoka was also a rebel, just like her older twin brother Jirou Hisoka. She was a hard person to have to trust you , but when she did, that person had better not lose her trust.

Sumiko Suzu. was a peppy girl; she always loved a visitor no matter who it was. As her family would say, “She’s a bundle of happy TNT ready to blow up.” But when she does get upset, which she rarely does, that person had better run. Her uncle lived in a secluded area in Japan and had a large mansion near a lake. The mansion was almost like a museum. Every single thing was on display. One had to be careful not to knock stuff over for the fear of a severe punishment put in place for each artifact and the category of that artifact. Some say that Akane Sakura’s uncle loved his artifacts more than his kids. But it wasn’t true. He only did that to teach them respect for other people’s things.

--Paige Lowery

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