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Gabriella's Return

Gabriella’s Return is a story about Gabriella Verducci and Marco Marino who were childhood sweethearts, Gabriella met Marco when she was twelve and made a bread delivery to his parent’s Restaurant from her parent’s Bakery. They became very good friends working in the same neighborhood called “Little Italy” where both their parent’s owned their businesses. This was an area in Connecticut of a two mile strip of Italian Businesses where Generations of Italians had settled in the 1800’s and families continued for generations after. These were all families who took care of one another so their children all grew up in a loving family community. Gabriella and Marco went all through school together and planned to get married after Marco finished Law School. Gabriella and Marco had been planning their wedding almost since they had met, and the night of their rehearsal dinner had finally arrived. Marco was driving in from New York where he had just gotten a job as an attorney at a Law Firm there. The weather was terribly foggy and rainy but Marco had driven this road many times before over the years. This time Marco would not make it home to his rehearsal dinner, so the marriage that they both had been waiting for since they were very young would never happen. Someone was making sure Marco never made it off that road, his car was hit from behind and driven off the road into the ravine. Now Gabriella and Marco would not get the life together that they had planned and Marco would never get to see his unborn daughter Gia. Gabriella would now have to raise their daughter alone, knowing someone had killed Marco on purpose, She may never know who or why. Did that mean that Gabriella and her child were in danger from this person? At this time all Gabriella could think about was getting away from the tragedy and memories. Everything in Gabriella’s life as she had known it had changed and not for the better.

--Patricia I Catuto

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