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From Here to Everlasting

There is nothing like this anywhere. This is a true Love of the heart from God to you. From Here to Everlasting proves God True; religions false; and clearly gives you more Truth about God than if you attended religion for 10,000 years.

Greetings my Friends. Have you ever wondered. There is much religion in this world and also much evil. To know who God is, we must first know who He is not, lawyers and religion. In this book, From Here to Everlasting, God messages to you the seven spectacular proofs that a Good and Logical God does, in fact, exist. From Here to Everlasting gives true Hope to you and your Loved ones. Politicians can't save us, God can.

My name is James Blessing. With you a Lovely meeting.

Lawyers are the modern day pharisees, denying us Justice with an abusive expensive tyranny of complexity. Judges are merely politically connected lawyers. Please observe why and how God condemns the lawyers and the spiritual solution within these pages.

--James Blessing

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