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Free Born

In the mage realms of Elaria, those born with magic rule and those without serve at their mercy. Magic manifests in the form of specific abilities, affording mages the ability to wield fire or ice or gifting others clairvoyance or the ability to heal. Since magic is passed down genetically, those strong in magic are more likely to produce heirs similarly gifted. Because of this, noble houses throughout the ages have wed their heirs to those who possess strong magical abilities, thus strengthening their houses.In this world ruled by magic, Ethanos Blagen is the first person born immune to its power, whether to his benefit or harm, rendering him immune to those who wield it. Ethan is also gifted with great strength, an ability to self-heal, and an ability to rapidly learn and master most crafts, skills, or languages. With these abilities and his immunity to magic, Ethan's mere existence quickly becomes a threat to the social order of Elaria.Ethan is the firstborn son of the king of Astaria, Bronus Blagen, who himself is a lightning lord, the first mage born in five hundred years with the ability to cast lightning. Such a power sets King Bronus far above his contemporaries.Though born the heir to Astaria, Ethan hates kneeling and having others kneel to him and wants nothing to do with the throne, wishing only for his freedom and to choose his own path. His desire for freedom causes contention with his overbearing father, which leads to a series of adventures, once his grandfather uncovers a portal into a different world. Ethan is only drawn back to Elaria when war comes to his father's realm.At its heart, Free Born is about Ethan's desire to follow his free spirit, ignoring and often mocking the social mores that separate people into higher and lower castes, based solely on their ability to use magic. Though Ethan is free because he is free from magic and free from harm, it is his desire to be free from his duties as heir of Astaria that drives him. Ethan's great-grandfather revealed to him when he was a child of a prophecy called the Free Born, a prophetic figure that would bring ultimate freedom to all the people of Elaria. Ethan ignored the prophecy, believing one could not be truly free if one was bound to destiny.During his travels, he encounters a Vellesian mage healer named Allie. They are instantly drawn to one another by a power neither can fully comprehend. Allie harbors a dark secret that reveals an alternate destiny from his great-grandfather's vision, calling into question if he is truly Free Born or something far more foreboding.Will his destiny free the world or enslave it forever?

--Ben Sanford

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