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Four Paws and Two Tales

Camille Klump is an American author of children's fiction. F our

Paws and Two Tales is the second part of a trilogy that recounts the

adventures of a dog born on an island who, after two years, is finally

reunited with his family and relocated to the USA. Now a young

headstrong and rebellious dog, Woofy is faced with many challenges

as he tries to adapt to a life of order and obedience with his human

family. He struggles to overcome subhuman elements and his own

animal instincts in order to serve and protect his owners. Through

interactions with other animals and people, he begins to interpret

their behavior and realizes there are many valuable lessons to be

learned. He discovers that the color of a dog's eyes should not

determine how he sees the world and being accepted as a member

of the human pack demands great loyalty, sacrifice, and service. As

his connection to humans deepen, he begins to use his remarkable

power of healing, which comes at a great price. When he is left

behind by his family, he is consumed with guilt and sadness, and

it is only after being reunited with his mother, that he begins to

appreciate the value of her wisdom, which helps to heal his broken

heart. She offers him comfort after the sudden death of a loved

one, a loss which leaves him with many unanswered questions.

He is surprised to discover that, for some, freedom and happiness

means having no home at all, that distance and time can never break

the bond of a loving family, and no one should be quick to judge

the circumstances behind the most difficult choices. An uplifting

tale which reveals that being left behind never means that you are

forgotten or no longer loved.

--Camille Klump

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