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Fount Of Blessings: One Survivor's story of healing and redemption

This story is a personal testimony of God's amazing and intimate work in my life. Despite a haunting childhood and struggles in my adult years, God has blessed my journey tremendously. Even though I have been a Christian for most of my days, there were decades that all I could see were the trials. I felt distanced from God, yet, at the same time I knew that He was my only hope. So I blamed myself for the disconnection and my many shortcomings. I tried hard to be a "good Christian" but continually failed, damaging my marriage and maligning my parenting. Counseling had helped some, but turmoil still raged within me. I sank increasingly deeper into depression and anxiety while striving to be everything I thought others expected of me. Yet, all the while God was conscious of my struggles. Even more, He was actively interceding on my behalf. Well before I was conscious of it, God was sustaining me through the turmoil and fortifying me for my biggest challenge to date. When I felt at my weakest, God proved faithful to His promise of comfort and strength. Not only did He carry me, He championed my victory over the hold that darkness once had on my past. In an amazing way that only God could orchestrate, He redeemed my existence and set me free with new found joy and purpose. I now feel His love, His grace, and His power in a way that I never could before. The journey was challenging to say the least, but I wouldn't trade this walk with God for anything. My hope is that those who read my story will find encouragement and leave its pages in awe of the Great Father God, Savior Son, and Empowering Holy Spirit, Who are worthy of all praise.

--D.T. Christian

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