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Forming the Formless: Accessing and Elevating Your Spirit and Soul

This book is meant to be used as a guide to help you realize what already exists within. It will shed Light where darkness may reside. It will assist you in revealing and awakening the wisdom and knowledge that you already possess in your soul. After all, wisdom cannot be taught; it can only be attained through the medium of knowledge and experience if transmuted correctly. You cannot learn wisdom; you may only reveal it.

The following ideas and concepts are not meant to give you conclusions and answers about how the universe works; rather, they are meant to simply open your doors of thought for you to explore further and perceive the world in your own unique way. What will follow is a life in which you have complete control, a higher level of consciousness, and a stronger connection to your inner true self.

Take your time and read each sentence carefully. Consider reading some chapters more than once, perhaps even multiple times. Allow your soul to digest the information it is receiving and the wisdom it is revealing. Where you take it is up to you!

--Jason Shurka

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