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Forbidden Entries

The first four parts are introductions to each character, and from there, we move into the story.- Rivalry - Mafia family dysfunction - Division - Coming together Oscar Al-Ghul has always found Lee Yen-Soo a threat to his Mafia world, as well as his reputation. The people give Yen-Soo the attention Oscar wanted. The attention he craved for is never given. After hearing the birth of his newly conceived son, his anger and resentment increase. The birth of an Alpha is unexpected.Awhile back, Alpha and their packs have overtaken the entire Mafia World. They are seen as strong, fearless, and dominating. The feeling of insecurity falls on the Mafias who are humans, wondering what makes them so special. Jealousy grows, and with that comes rivalry, and with rivalry comes the division.Sophia Al-Ghul, Oscar's wife, bore him children, and Oscar comes up with an idea to help his kids remain in an environment where they don't have to feel inferior.He invests in building a school with a few of his other friends that has the same views as he does. This school would only authorize kids with human genetics and no trace of any kind of wolf blood.Growing up, Oscar has taught his kids that werewolves wanted to dominate wherever they step foot and look down on people they overpowered. He has taught them to stay away and to never to be seen with any.Lee discovers what Al-Ghul had been plotting, and word spreads quicker than light. Furious at the allegations put against people of his kind, he decides to fire back to keep the humans away from werewolves. No trace of humans should be near their territories in neither day nor night. Since then, gaps has grown between friends and communities.

--Lis Frimpong

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