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For the Love of a Child

Get into the mind of a sexual predator to understand what makes him tick. Hear, in his own words, what it was like growing up with different desires and urges than most and to what extents he would go to hide it. This autobiography is written with the hope that a lot of the misconceptions can be removed from the sex offender and the truth can get out there. See for yourself how you are now less safe than you were a decade ago and what needs to be done to fix that issue. Dana has been a loud voice for fixing the things broken in the law to make it stronger and better for the general public. He now has put his voice into the pages of a book to hopefully reach more of the masses to bring about the change that is needed. Ever hear someone say, "Why don't these people just get a hooker to settle their urges that way?" Learn why that is a myth and what the truth is behind why we do what we do. "As a pedophile, we are the only group out here today that ends up hurting the ones we love. This book covers the extents we will go to, for that love that we can never have."

--Dana Terrell

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