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For Liberty I Live

An overpowering, overbearing government out of touch with the common man eventually causes him to risk life, limb, home, and family for independence from tyranny.

Taking his musket or fowler in hand, every militiaman when called to duty marched with friends and relatives into harm's way. When in battle line against many more enemy muskets where would the Colonial officer stand? He must (somewhat unwillingly perhaps) stand in front with absolute bravery in attempt to shield a favorite son or friend. When in firing line, he might order the youngest into the rear rank. All present will remember his actions of the day and some, hopefully all, will return home to hang up their guns to continue lives long enough to die as old men in the homes they protected "on that day". All would remember what was said and done that day, marking each man's history and legacy as long as memory lasted, and later, represented only by tradition or a few scraps of mostly overlooked worn paper and rusty, mouldering keepsakes.

Few remember those common men now, since sight, sound, memory and emotion are gone. Their bravery and sacrifice are represented only by a few musty old artifacts but through these items it becomes easier to remember those angry souls who gambled everything for the equality of independence for themselves, their friends and family and for future generations. We must never forget those people and what they did for us, and we in turn, must be equally willing to sacrifice (like all our generations past), in keeping America free.

--Al Benting

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