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First Church of Mars: A Practical Guide to Christianity for the Interplanetary Traveler

This book was not written for the church.

There are enough books written that expand upon Christian morals and

values. There are volumes of theological works from a countless number of

Christian perspectives. A brief glimpse into history uncovers a history of scandal

and abuse all perpetrated by the hands of the early Christian church. At this

writing, there is a vast Christian subculture with its own art, music, fashion, and

cultural forms of expression. Television personalities preach biblical themes of

humility and servitude while, at the same time, they purchase private jets and

live in ridiculous excess. Small churches are closing at an alarming rate, and larger

congregations are getting obscured in the smoke and hype of commercialized

worship services. Arguments against "the faith" are becoming increasingly

articulate, and media coverage continues to cast a growing shadow over whatever

good the church might be accomplishing in the world.

In all this, it is easier than ever to be lost.

This book is written for the lost.

It originated as a result of an epiphany based on an article about the Curiosity

rover on the surface of Mars. Once a year, Curiosity would stop and celebrate the

anniversary of its arrival on Mars by stopping briefly to sing "Happy Birthday"

to itself. Then, once again, it continues through the dry desolation of the planet

surface on a path of discovery. When you stop and look past all the scholarly

debate and man-made traditions of Christianity and look at the basic message of

love and salvation presented in the scriptures, you will discover a beautiful picture.

Over time, the simplicity and accessibility of this message has been diluted and

overcomplicated. This book is written for the lost soul who, with a little bit of

curiosity, has a desire to discover the simplicity of that message.

It might be too late to change this world…but maybe we can change that one.

--Dennis McFarland

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