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Feet of the Nevis

Imagine sometime in the distant past, before modern and organized societies, and several thousand years after the dinosaurs roamed the earth, a time when the earth was still relatively uninhabited other than tribes that roamed the planet across the varied continents. Suddenly, there are advanced colonies scattered across the planet that have the skill and knowledge to build great pyramids, build ships that can sail great distances and navigate based upon the stars, people with knowledge of the cosmos and mathematics. One such colony has sprung up along the coast of what is now known as central California, a village of perhaps two-hundred-plus souls who have come from far away. Among these are a young man and a young woman who have fallen in love but must overcome the embodiment of evil itself. They also must search for the object that will tell of their past and of their origins—an object that is critical to the successful continuation of their future and of the future of generations to come.

--Terrence Pershall

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