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Far from Perfect

Robert Banes is no super-action hero. He's just a father, a man like any other man—that is, at least, until the evil and greed of people with little regard for the rights of others with whom they share the planet violently torture and murder his son.

The police were more interested in labeling Robby a gang member involved with drugs and violence than in searching for the people responsible for his demise. Armed with only a page of names and figures torn from a ledger, a ziplock bag of illegal drugs, he sets out to gather information that will clear his son's name and hopefully convince police of a criminal element they say does not exist in their town.

His clumsy poking about and asking questions around the docks makes someone nervous enough to put a stop to it. Even after being found on the docks, the back of his head bashed in, the police still refuse to take him seriously. He is, after all, just another distraught, grieving father who finds himself a victim of a crime.

These frustrating events conspire to transform the usually mild-mannered widower into an instrument of bitterness and rage.

From this moment on, his only reason for living is to locate and punish the people who have destroyed his world.

Unfortunately for Banes, the organization he takes on is more powerful and just as determined. Before he knows what hit him, the only two people left for him to love in this world are targeted. His girlfriend is molested and threatened, and a street kid named Billy who'd helped him at the dock has been kidnapped. This leaves Banes with only one option: hit back even harder.

--Ricky D. Douglas

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