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Family Ties

When wealthy city girl Tanley moves to the small town, she wants to call home and meets simple country boy Jake, sparks fly. But when Jake blindsides Tanley with accusations of being a spy for Montgomery Wells, the man who ripped Jake's world apart. She learns that it’s hard to run from your family name. As Tanley digs deeper into her family she uncovers a long list of corruption, lies, and murder. Leaving her wondering if family is really worth the trouble.

But when a heartbroken Jake realizes that Tanley has awakened feelings that he thought no longer existed, he questioned himself. The longing for a woman's touch had alluded Jake for many years. He fears he may have pushed away the one woman that could possible bring him back from surviving to thriving. The one woman he could fall in love with. After all, who can choose the family they are born into, right? Could this be fate that brought them together and his second chance for happiness? Will he be able to move past his anger and fears, and give them a chance at love? Will she be able to forgive herself for the pain that her family caused him? Will they be able to overcome family or will family ties prove too hard to break?

--Angelique' Sanders

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