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Fallen Prince

John Kennedy, like Marcus Aurelius two thousand years ago, served at the apex of his country's power and glory. His life was only half over when an assassin's bullet took him away from his countrymen and his family. For those who were alive in 1963, his violent death was a bigger jolt than the natural death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1945. Kennedy has been gone now for fifty-eight years. The controversy surrounding his death has never abated. Half the country believes Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole architect of the murder. The other half believes the government hid the real conspiracy. The sands of time have finally revealed the actual actors responsible. Fallen Prince is a political thriller involving interaction between historical and fictional characters. The goal is to finally name the men who ended Camelot after one thousand days. A secondary goal is to entertain readers who love history and drama.

--Jon Dietz

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