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Exponentially the Multiple Effect

In this uniquely simple-to-understand book on family dynamics and generational healing from toxicity, James Jabaley integrates his philosophical journey of self-discovery and healing through education, recovery, therapy, and coping mechanisms.

I was an inquisitive kid and felt I needed to figure out the reasons for my depression and addiction problems, so I sought answers through an education in psychology combined with other coping mechanisms. I was a blue-collar kid in a family system of professionals.

Formal writing in psychology can be too complex for the average reader, and this book aims to make an understanding of behavior in relationships and self-care easier for the average person to understand.

After dealing with a childhood of depression and addictions, he was moved to share his thoughts in a hopeful, simple manner so folks can understand more the effects and the scapegoat that the individual can have in a family environment, a community, and, ultimately, on society as a whole.

When I found out my disorders were a symptom of something much deeper, I went back to school to hopefully study what that deeper infection, if you will, might be, before it destroyed me and, ultimately, my family.

The disease exponentially multiplies itself, as the title suggests, through generations, so deeply it becomes virtually impossible to uncover the reality of the core problem to find solutions to living happy, healthy, productive lives.

The more he studied the illness, the clearer the situation became. Mental illness can be more deeply rooted genetically and familial; therefore, a generational healing is imperative. And generational and familial healing can only began in a journey of self-discovery.

It's not about blame. It's about learning who I am as an individual.

--James Jabaley

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