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Everything on It Third Time's Our Charm

Choose to immerse yourself in LeVasseur’s poetically crafted creation and feel the characters’ emotions stir blissful fantasies of desire. Flowing pages of colorfully explicit description bring every facet of love to life in Marco’s no-holds-barred text; ensuring every laugh, every tear, and every scream to the sky will be yours to embrace as well.

True heroes must unite against our sentient counterparts from the Etherside to prevent their council’s planned destruction of every human on Earth. Wise comrades cleverly devise a solution, ushering in a leader with ties from both worlds to guide all of God’s beings toward a life of peace. With infinite luck and a lot ofta’ help from their friends, the strategy they conceive soon becomes a wondrous reality—, times two. “GEE-EEHEEHEE! WAAAA!”

Raising a family while saving our world at the same time pushes the limits of every superheroe’s’ talent, yet enduring the trials of human culture is what truly tests their will.

--Marco LeVasseur

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