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Entelechy: and Book 2

Entelechy is the saga of a scrabbled slice of Kentucky. A place so revered by its nineteenth century immigrant owners that even the meager returns and days of back-break and heart-break cannot dissuade the loyalty of these homesteaders toward the ornery hills and creek they so loved, till at last, the reluctant land rewards cleverness and tenacity with an abundance of storied proportions.

Noah Gottlieb is the precocious son of this land who is able to rise from humble beginnings to remarkable heights of importance and riches. His life is a dizzying ride that allows a wonderful, vicarious glimpse into a world of powerful boardrooms and the even-more-powerful social salons of the early twentieth century. Keeping a childhood promise to his mother, Noah proceeds to build a major estate on the Kentucky land, to be named Entelechy, from the Greek definition, "the innate knowing of one's destiny." A tragic accident arrests at that moment the fullness of this very tale.

After thirty years of pampered emptiness, Entelechy's purpose and reason for being are finally fulfilled by a karmic reappearance of Noah, the builder, and Charlie, his genius architect. Fate returns these two familiar characters to the estate as new story carriers, Parker and Hank. By understanding their ties and affinity to Entelechy, they are able to complete the interrupted circle of potential to the land and all those affected by it. Spanning almost one hundred years, this is a tale of reincarnation for the disbelieving. Entelechy is the story of life's continuum into other times and how ordinary incidents are crucial to history's unfolding. When viewed from a new and different perspective, happenstance is shown to be not that at all.

--Charles Duane Todder

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