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Empire Shattered

Empire Shattered is a character-driven fictional study of how man’s expansion beyond Earth’s solar system could affect human sociological development. The story revolves around Julian Paul and his adoptive father, Argolan, founder of the Argalian Trade Empire.

The Argalian Trade Empire (The Trade Empire) is the largest commerce organization in mankind’s history. Since taking Julian in, Argolan has groomed him to assume leadership of The Trade Empire. Unfortunately, Julian is crippled by fear and doubt as the result of a childhood family tragedy for which he blames himself. These ghosts of Julian’s past have prevented him from becoming the leader he could be, the leader he should be.

The already intricate relationship between Julian and Argolan becomes further complicated when James Masse, a rogue military commander who has a vendetta against Argolan, attempts to avenge himself. The unanticipated consequences of Masse’s actions spiral out of control, placing Julian in the center of the conflict, while at the same time unwittingly unleashing the power of a galactic government bent on total domination.

A story of evil doers, plotting government agents and epic battles, Empire Shattered explores in depth one of the most important aspects of human relationships: The indispensable role a father plays in the development of his son.

As The Trade Empire hurtles toward a galactic war, the question vexing the galaxy is, “Will Argolan’s rearing of Julian empower him to become the leader he must become in order to repel tyranny and save The Argalian Trade Empire?”

--Neal Grant

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