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Elock's Truth

Unity and prosperity prevailed on Elockia for over a thousand cycles under the unifying teachings of The Word. As leader of the Church of Elock, Vicar Elop Sar held the ultimate responsibility for carrying these teachings to all the tribes of the city-states. As all things come with controversy, her conflicts with the Council of the Enlightened and its sacerdotal leader were just part of her daily routine. However, it would be her dealings with Commissioner Marvis Delp and his staff at the Academy of Interplanetary Sciences that would challenge her very authority as teacher of the Word of Elock.

It was a young Lieutenant Gillfrec and her technician Thylan Kiffgex that set in motion a conflict that would threaten the long-tested but fragile relationships between the Academy and the church. Were these transmissions from a pair of interplanetary probes a ploy and hoax by the Academy to garner support for its programs? Or were they, as Lieutenant Gillfrec claimed, a revelation and challenge to seek the truth of their place in the cosmos? Finding the truth would come with a price as science fact collided with the teachings of the church and embolden some to instigate unspeakable acts of deception, sabotage, and intimidation. Could Vicar Sar and Commissioner Delp heal the wounds and reach out together to seek Elock's truth on a bold voyage to the stars?

--Frank M. Panek

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