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Eli, The Shepherd Boy of Friendly Valley

This story is about a family that consists of 6-year-old Eli, his young sister, Elsie, and their parents and grandparents. They live in a log cabin far away in a place noted for cowboys. But instead of cows, the family owns many sheep that provides wool for socks, shirts, coats, and other clothing items. Maybe you know about sheep from the "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or "Baa Baa Black Sheep" poems.

Eli has a dog named Shep that is trained to herd sheep. Eli and Shep take the sheep to pasture each morning and return them at night. This was a big responsibility for young Eli! In the story, you will learn about the adventures of Eli and Shep as they herd the sheep.

--Ronald B. McPherson

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