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El Caballo

"For what other reason would they give up possessions,

all they have known and loved from birth? To go to a new

country, new language, new climate. The right answer

was just to be free."

Fifty-five years ago in 1965, upon Alfonso's arrival to the

United States, he devoted all his spare time to exposing

the truth about Fidel Castro and Communism. This

historical manuscript is a first-person, true account of

what the author experienced during the first six years of

communism under Fidel Castro. Alfonso Ulloa made a

promise to his friends who had to stay behind that he

would write everything that they endured and make sure

that those in Cuba had a voice for the world to hear.

"It must not be lost to our grandchildren and future

generations. They need to know the truth, the Cuba of

their ancestors and what communism stole from them."

--Alfonso Ulloa

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