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Edge of Dark on Thunder Road

The meth war has exploded in East Tennessee, pitting a Mexican drug cartel against the Tennessee mountain men for control of the lucrative drug market. State, local, and federal law enforcement agencies adopt a "hands-off" policy to the carnage and, instead, employ Bradley International Security as their surrogate operative. Blood flows into streets and on the mountainsides as the struggle of cultures culminates to a cataclysmic conclusion.

B. J. Quill, former military intelligence officer and combat veteran, heads up the surveillance and counter insurgency operations for Bradley—only to find out he has been set up by his own organization. Curt Townsend, respected businessman and community leader, is in fact the de facto godfather of the mountain men in the drug trade business. Working in conjunction with Leroy McBride, they have fashioned a lethal but loosely knit group of the McBride clan, their kinfolk, and other related mountain men. "Don Richie" Montoto is the acknowledged titular leader of the Mexican interlopers. With his brothers, other relatives, and blindly loyal pistoleros, they represent power, organization, and sophistication.

The seesaw battle for territorial dominance grows increasingly violent with deadly reprisals as both groups attempt to destroy the others viability. But the stakes are high and the rewards substantial for the eventual victor.

--J. V. Pelt

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