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Duffy's Hundred Days

Duffy is a man of habits. He lives in the same boarding house, drinks at the same bar and rides the same bus to work every day. The only thing that is different in his life is the stories he writes for the newspaper he works at. He's in a rut and doesn't even know it. But that all changes in 100 days, his life will change, he will become well know and he forges a strong relationship with the wealthiest family in the city. In fact love will find him.

Love and danger and change will be his new life. In the dangerous bits he will become a hero and gain recognition.

It all starts when he is assigned to do an in depth series of articles on the wealthy Keane family. He's paired to an ingénue reporter from the features desk and finds that she's not at all what she seems.

Then people keep trying to get rid of him only to find out that they are mistaken. He finds a world in Cleveland of college girls becoming mistresses and the greed of his ingénue partner.

Assigned to the crime desk to cover the nightly troubles of his city he careens from 10 year old with a hammer to a dominatrix stuck with a dead obese client. He isn't in a rut anymore…

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--Fred Keihn

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