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MY "ITINERARY" COMMENTS12/03/2018, 11:05 AM"EMPHASIS", "UNDERLINES", "SPELLING", "DIALOGUES", "PARAGRAPH BREAKS" & "DEITY PRONOUNS":I agree with Page's suggestions on all of these. "ATA" (About the Author): Short description of myself, "to use at the end of the book". J.C. Roberton graduated from Yale with a BA in Politics & Economics, spent the following four years as an infantry officer in the Marines, then returned to school and picked up a law degree from Stanford and an MBA from UC-Berkeley. After practicing corporate law for several years in California, he converted a "brief" overseas business trip into six years managing a major hospital complex in Abu Dhabi. He subsequently participated in several start-up ventures and real-estate sales, and eventually devoted two years to writing this book.BACK COVER SUMMARY (to add to my title) (also used for my press release): My Audience: This is for somebody who wants not just to read, but to learn. Anyone who participates in a free-market economy can benefit from these lessons. My wide audience consists of all who engage in bargaining over price (i.e., almost everyone). My narrower audience consists of inexperienced individuals who don't know much about how to play the bargaining game, but want to learn. This latter group consists of (a) young executives & entrepreneurs in the early stages of their careers, and (b) consumers who feel they're paying too much for goods and services. My approach aims to level the playing field.My Mantra: Bargaining can be taught. Bargaining can be learned. Bargainers Are Made, Not Born.GENRE / CATEGORY: (In my order of preference): BUS025000, Entrepreneurship. BUS027020, Financial Risk Management.SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR EDITORS: I'd like to insert some cartoon-type illustrations (perhaps 6-8 or so) at key places within the text. I don't yet have any such illustrations and I will discuss this with my PC. I will identify just where in the text I would like to insert these. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ON MY FINISHED COVER DESIGN: I'm thinking of a catchy cartoon illustration on the front cover, along with the title and author. However, I'd like to discuss this with my PC, and also the Copy Editor and/or Page Designer. PREFERRED RETAILPRICE: I note that Page's most recent publications (per Page's website) are all listed at $9.99 apiece on Amazon. That sounds fine with me, unless somebody has some compelling reasons to the contrary. 12/03/18, at 11:51 Page 1 of 1 C:UsersJimDesktopPRS-CRNT3.01 Page Publishing1.02 My Itinerary Comments.docx

--J. C. Roberton

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