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Double Helix: Our Destiny

Human beings generally attribute any physical, mental, or financial catastrophe to the random punitive decree of God, including death. All religions speak about destiny. In this book, I have demonstrated that whatever happens to us are determined by our genetic makeup and the DNA. Of course, the genes and DNA are created by God Himself who is the cause of all causations. In different religions, there is mention of an angel of death, whether this angels causes death or just receives the soul at the time of death is not clear. I have pointed out that natural cause of death is a function of the deteriorating telomere at the end of the chromosome. The other deaths due to accidents, epidemics, famine, and natural disasters are due to natural causes and is self-explanatory. I have mentioned the influence of epigenetics in our gene expression. The influence of epigenetics was recently confirmed in space travel as reported by NASA. This book also alludes to the fact that God does not interfere in our day-to-day activities and that is left for our free will.

--Ahamed Kutty

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