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Don't Forget Me: (Non Dimenticarmi)

Claudia is an accomplished young lady who will soon turn thirty-five. After several serious relationships and one engagement, she feels she needs a respite in her life. Spending a month in a Gioffoni, Italy, her parents' hometown, seems the likely place to see relatives, eat great food, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Italians. As an editor, her job is all about deadlines, and a month away would not be easily excepted by her editor in chief. She decides to make her time in Gioffoni a working vacation, freelancing on a manuscript to meet her deadline. Meeting family and making new friends, Claudia falls in love with Gianfranco. He is handsome, well-spoken, and always impeccably dressed, but there is one drawback—he has a girlfriend. What begins as innocent flirtations by both develops into a love that fuels their soul. Obstacles, real and unseen, bring an end to their relationship but never their love. Claudia goes back to America and tells Gianfranco, "Don't forget me." He replies, "Only if I forget my name I will forget you." A twist in events brings about their reunion and a promise to live happily ever after.

--Anna C Tichio

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