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Doc & JD Houston's Own Dynamic Duo

Crime in Southeast Houston was at an all-time high with the highest concentration being along a seven-mile stretch of Telephone Road. This part of Houston was notorious for prostitution, drugs, robberies, burglaries, auto thefts, assaults, murders, police-involved shoot-outs, and all-around mayhem almost on a daily basis. The citizens living in communities just a mere block or two to either side of Telephone Road along its length were living in constant fear and terror and being victimized by the criminal elements that chose to do their trade there. At the threat of forming their own vigilante groups, they demanded relief to live free of fear and being victimized daily. They were trapped, prisoners in their own homes. The Houston Police captain in charge over the police officers in Southeast Houston conferred with his lieutenants and patrol sergeants as to how to deal with this problem. It was determined that at the core of the constant crime and chaos were the prostitutes who were the magnets that drew the criminal element there. The "whore patrol" was born to deal with the hookers and the criminals clustered around them. Doc and JD were partnered and eventually became known as Houston's own "Dynamic Duo," crushing the problem with a vigor never before seen and becoming heroes to the citizens and garnering unexpected respect and admiration from the criminals themselves.

--Michael Egbert

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