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Divided We Fall

In the wake of the most divisive presidential election in over a century, pundits, reporters and the public are increasingly aware of the deep and profound rifts that separate our society and threaten the fabric of American democracy. While media has obsessed with the nature of the divisions and some have questioned whether they are real or just an anomaly, Divided We Fall examines the schisms from a unique perspective and explains the very real threat they pose to the future of the American political system.

In Divided We Fall, David Sonius marshals a wealth of research from the fields of political science and public opinion to economics, psychology and philosophy to create a piercing look at the realities of America's political and cultural divides. He argues that the divides are not simply political and cultural; they are intertwined and magnified by a set of myths—misinformed, misguided and acutely damaging. While tall tales and partial truths have long been a prime element of campaigns, the modern myths detailed in Divided have emerged as lasting forces affecting our public policies and represent the principal reason for the widespread failure of our government to create useful and effective policies.

The author argues that the blame for our divides, myths and failed policies cannot simply be placed at the foot of our politicians and public officials; rather, the public bears a responsibility to think rationally, demand truth and act as responsible guardians of the most important and powerful republic in history.

Divided We Fall provides a potent affront to the conventional wisdom of what ails our political culture and points the reader to a new path for a more informed and effective political system.

--David Sonius

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