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Descending into the Depths

Abagail Martin is a marine biologist. Fresh out of college, she signs up with an ocean research team. Shortly after joining the group, the team is recruited by the US Navy for a special project. The navy wants the team to help improve their underwater research facility out by the Mariana Trench. Abby and a couple others are leery of the job offer at first, but with some encouragement from their team leader, Liam Walsh, they all eagerly accept.

The military's underwater habitat is a dream come true and more. Not to mention they can continue any research they are currently involved in, so long as they complete the tasks the navy sets out for them.

During a night expedition in one of the mini subs, Abby and two other team members set out to test some new equipment. Something massive picks up on the radar, unsure of what it may be, the trio quickly learns it's the least of their concerns.

As Abby and the team dive deeper into the watery depths, the mysteries of the trench aren't their only worry. The navy has its own dark secrets tucked away in the habitat, as well as their own agenda for the team.

--Tasha Marin

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