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Demons vs Angels

In the times of war and battle between angels and demons, love was found in chaos. A deep and dark story of how two members from different sides, hell and heaven, fell in love. If anyone ever found out about their forbidden love, it will only lead them into deep trouble with their realms.

Azazel was a strong and powerful angel that was admired by many. He was always by God’s side until one day bad things took a turn. He decided to side with Lucifer, the devil, and went against God. That was when he was cast down out of heaven. The fall from heaven to earth was long. He came down with a long and painful crash. His wings that were once white were now black. What had happened to his beautiful glowing color of white? No, he didn’t want this. He changed his mind. What had he done? Probably the biggest mistake there is ever to make. “Give me another chance!” he pleaded the heavens day by day. The silent skies never gave him a response in return.

After enough sorrow, the angels felt sorry for him and decided to forgive him after actually listening to his words. He must do one good deed on earth before he comes back to heaven. So, he did. Now, all Azazel had to do was say goodbye to joining the darkness and say hello again to heaven. But that was until he saw her and the way her black hair blows so neatly in the wind. He couldn't resist her dark and elegant beauty. But the problem was that she’s from hell. The heaven world would never allow Azazel back in if they found out that he had fallen in love with a demon. Read this thrilling story to find out what happens and what option he makes.

--Lenelle Lewis

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