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Deadly Mix: The Beginning

Deadly Mix is a detective novel with elements of a police procedural; it starts off as an inverted story then delivers a series of twists before its dramatic and unexpected climax. Deadly Mix is aimed at readers who enjoy Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Murder Mysteries; its writing is reminiscent of Tony Hillerman’s novels. Intrigue, romance and humor, both dark and captivating, mix tastefully with a touch of philosophy and prejudice to tempt a new audience of mystery readers. Veteran private investigator, Nicholas Kane and his naïve Mensa genius fiancée, Madeline Sugarman, brave the harsh and dangerous world of murder and intrigue. This intensity is softened by Maddie’s outrageous sense of humor, often to Nick’s chagrin. Interspersed with tasteful love scenes and true love that doesn’t always run smoothly, this tale is sure to titillate the readers to smiles and maybe even a tear or two.

--Carl Krause

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