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Dark Decisions

Brianna Godfrey is a beautiful and well-educated meeting planner from Richmond, Virginia. Like the weather in one week in Richmond, her life begins to change without any notice. Who knew that from a secret partnership at her place of employment and a harmless night out with her girlfriends, nothing going forward would be the same. Are her girlfriends Angel, Tamika, and Phoebe truly her ride-and-die friends, or will one of them show their true colors? Brianna had fought to get over the loss of her first relationship, but now the past is haunting her with a vengeance. Allan Jones, her sexy fraternity man, wants her down the aisleā€”but on his terms. Maxwell King, whose locks falls across his chiseled chest down to his sexy waist, is a double threat. He is street-smart, well-educated, and multilingual, but more importantly, he cannot get over Brianna. That love is causing major problems! It's causing everyone in Brianna's circle love, pain, and betrayal, which leads to making Dark Decisions.

--Cam Johnson

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