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Dante's Choice: Through the Eyes of a Menace

Damien Lawrence just finished serving twelve years for an ungrateful gang leader. Many things have changed since he was home; the world he left is but a memory, and the world doesn't operate the way it did years ago. While trying to find his place in life, he finds the one thing that hasn't changed is him, the Menace. When he is reintroduced to the streets, he finds he is plagued with resentment and retribution for the ones that have wronged him. The one thing he can change is his younger brother, Dante, who is faced with the choice to follow his older brother's blueprint or learn from the mistakes of his elders and go a new route. Dante's Choice is swayed by opportunity and peer pressure, as well as redemption and loss. Making the right choice isn't always easy, especially if it is between struggle and pain.

--David Lisenby

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