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Dancing with Wolves

Dancing with Wolves is a homeless tale of one man's struggle to find affordable housing in New York City at a time where the Bloomberg Administration would have not given any priority to the plight of the now seventy thousand men, women, and children that experienced homelessness in New York City on a nightly basis. After being victimized and treated like the black sheep in his family and by friends, he becomes homeless after being evicted by the sheriff department and finds himself at a facility overseen by the Department of Homeless Service and is sent to Wards Island, also known as Randal's Island, in Manhattan across from the East River in East Harlem. A low-level prison facility rampant with drug use, fights, and a staff that operates as if they are trying to make a budget in trying to transition homeless men out of the system. Generally, there are fifteen men to a dorm, and there would be multiple personalities at play. It would be a test of mental fortitude to survive in such an environment. I am essentially a lamb and would have to survive being chased by wolves daily and would have to run with the bulls if necessary. I would have to go through a mental reformation and adapt to my environment and would end up being like Daniel in the lion's den, knowing that my destiny is in God's hand.

--Desmond Dalrymple

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