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Damnaste': The Immortals Book 1

Damnaste takes readers into the immortal world through the experiences of photo-journalist Caitlynn Tourney. Follow Caitlynn into the art world of the fifteenth century, to foreign lands and deep into the jungles of Brazil. In her journey, Caitlynn meets one of the creatures she has been sent to investigate, the beautiful Lady Juliette Renoir. Juliette draws Caitlynn into her world of immortals, a world filled with intrigue and danger.Agares is a prince of darkness, a fallen angel and of the realm of Seven Virtues. Agares only recently found out that it was Lady Juliette and her friend Hans who killed his brother, Diabonese. So while Agares' soul remains in Hell, Agares' spirit returns to Earth to seek revenge. Killing Hans would be easy; he is just a vampire. Juliette, however, is different. She is a mixed immortal with Olympian blood. Juliette is a formidable enemy and from the upper realms.Caitlynn is but a pawn in the battle between good and evil. Juliette takes Caitlynn deep into her mountain sanctuary for safety. It's there Juliette plans to meet Hans. He will remain at the sanctuary, while Juliette leaves to take on her nemesis.

--Danielle Salmonson

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