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Cry of the Crow

Investigative reporter Aislinn Cavanaugh needed a break from the big city and decided to escape to the sleepy little town of Clare, Michigan. She had hoped for a quiet vacation with time to spend in the woods in solitary communion with nature, but that wasn't to be the case. While there, a series of grisly murders take place that has the townspeople in shock and fear since they hadn't seen anything of this magnitude in a couple of decades. As much as she had hoped to relax and take in the scenery, she instead finds herself assisting lead detective David Hough with key points of the case. It appeared that someone had a personal vendetta against some of the prominent figures of the community who had habitually had their own crimes overlooked. It seemed the murderer felt that justice needed a helping hand.

As their relationship grows, neither one is prepared for what they are about to discover, and Aislinn had no idea that her idea of a quiet vacation could ultimately place her own life in danger.

--Laura Barrington

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