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Crowning Stones: Mountain Valley Saga Book One

It has been almost twenty years since King Taylon tried to invade the Mountain Valley region.His defeat brought peace to the valley. Now, his son Jase is leading the invasion. He has given the people time to choose to surrender or fight.The town of Morningside sends two brave young people to infiltrate his castle before time runs out. Their quest to spy and bring back information the council can use to combat the evil tyrant.Briella has always felt different from her friends. She knows something is missing in her life. Her parents were killed in the war, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. The only thing her mother left her was a pair of boots. Her only link to her mother is the sun pendant she wears around her neck. If only she could find what she is searching for…Briella is chosen along with Kier. But on the way, Kier is taken, leaving Briella to go on alone. Fear for his safety propels her forward. Can she reach the castle in time? Who is the mysterious man she meets on the way? Why is he helping her? Who is the hermit living in the woods?She is afraid for herself and her friends. Her faith is all she has to keep her going. Following this path, she finds out who she is and what she was born to be.

--Tina Flurry

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