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Coping with Schizophrenia

Hi, I'm the author of the new thriller biography, Coping with Schizophrenia. This is my story of dealing with a mental disorder, and it initially takes place in my grandmother's apartment. I'm a college student and woke up one morning hearing virulent voices in my head. I struggle from that point on to cope with these voices which are venomous. The story of how the turpitude voices made me feel reclusive, paranoid, and formidable. The narrative on how I went through hell in a six-week span is deaf-defying and overcame the odds are memorizing. I have a mental condition for the rest of life, but the fact is to never give up. Unlike the movie A Beautiful Mind, I was faced with life-threatening moments. This book will give people facing a disability the courage and dignity to change their perspective on life. Whether it's a mental or physical impediment, read this extraordinary book, and you will have a different outlook about your current state.

--Devon W. Warner

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