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As you begin to read this, you start to remember.

That fateful day, you may have been eating dinner, on your phone, coming home from work or school, or watching TV, when the Emergency Broadcast System emerged on every media outlet available.

"THIS IS NOT A TEST," the screen read. "Lock every entrance, gather necessities, DO NOT go outside, and remain calm. Further instructions will soon follow."

Zombies are a fickle creature; they're always changing.

These zombies…

They're unlike anything you've ever seen. The reality of having seen something that gruesome makes your heart race again. You remember the way they looked at first and having to study them to keep your spot at the top of the chain.

You look around. You've established yourself again, reading a book you found to kill some time.

Making the zombie apocalypse, simply something that you've experienced, among many other things.

Now, let's get to that book!

October 30, 2015, 7:58 p.m.

That's when it all began for everyone, the awful sounds of the emergency alarms filling the air with panic.

No one had a certain plan, just hopes for the best and quick wits.

Robert Duncan was on a farm where he worked, fixing machines. His regular life would instantly change, and the world would flip on itself. The things he would do, the people he would meet, and the items he would obtain were not in his imagination.

This is his story, just as you would have one, and what became of him…

--Christopher Gonzalez

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