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Comings and Goings

A transplanted American, Declan Rowe, who arrives in Carack having inherited his uncle's cottage and farmland, is only one of several recent arrivals to this rural hamlet on the Dingle Peninsula. A young couple, Garret and Alice Lowry, from Dublin, who have purchased the long vacant Moony Apothecary building, are transforming it into the hamlet's second pub and restaurant to the consternation of Sean O'Malley, the owner of O'Malley's Pub. Also arriving is the new doctor, Philip Warren, who sadly is replacing the community's beloved doctor, Alice Henry, who has taken an indefinite leave from her practice to explore another practice in Cork city.

A number of amazing things are also happening, including the soon to open "Inn at Moore's Point", a restaurant and tourist development that will be hiring only residents of the hamlet and surrounding area. The recent discovery of zinc and lead deposits on farmland in and around Carack area has attracted the interest of a large mining conglomerate from Europe which is discussing land purchases from several of the farmers.

Amid all of this transitional excitement, and other developments, are the everyday travails of the inhabitants, which will keep the reader's interest throughout the tale.

--George L. Proferes

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