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Coming to America

As an old man looking back on life, first in Iran and then as a student in America, it comes to me clear and strong, the patterned song of the sparrow, the stream full on its journey, and the wind, yes, always the wind: my view of the world has remained unchanged.

In my thoughts, there are stories to tell, jokes to pass along, and poems to read for enjoyment but, overall, my greatest joy in life is to follow the path of Learning – the good, the bad, the right, the wrong – it doesn’t matter. It all goes into my mind to mingle among other experiences that demand equal attention. I am a better person because of Learning.

This book is, first of all, reflections on my past experiences; second, it is a summary of my views and thoughts about the world and human nature; and lastly, it is my hope that if others travel these experiences with me, it may possibly set them too on the path of Learning – that is my wish.

The world is a risky place but sometimes we should not to be afraid to take risks. You see, a person can be romantic and write love-drenched poems; he may also delight in telling funny jokes and saying things to embarrass the politicians. A person can be a serious businessman, but also getting along with anybody and adapt to any situation. I started my life over from zero many times; “Never give up” was my motto! We all have pride and self-esteem and want to get ahead in life. You just have to find your way to personal success without hurting others in the process. Coming to America is true stories, poems, politics, and thoughts about what happens when different cultures meet. Enjoy!

--Akbar Fakhar

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