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Cities on Hills

The asset is alive, the witness is on the run, and the anomaly is on the loose. Mystics and murderers, monsters and maniacs, all collide in this stunning sequel. After the events that transpired in A Tightening Noose, readers will reunite with familiar characters, and meet fascinating new ones, as they are immersed in a reality where first world countries lie on the brink of tyranny as other nations burn.

The scope and intent of the Initiative widens while a populist politician's star rises. The Safe Borders, Safe Cities Act is implemented, while the surveillance state screams for a more secure society. The federal police force grows its ever-expanding authority under the guise of a nation seeking increased autonomy.

From a killing field on Long Island, to an island in Mexico, mountains in Maine, and a convoy of ships in the southern ocean, this is a story that crosses borders and boundaries, genres, and genomes. Cities on Hills brings us back to all the old, familiar places and drags us into even darker new ones, where our only guides are an ensemble of characters ruled by, the basest of motivations. Fear, avarice, lust, and vengeance all reside in a collection of unstable minds within this cautionary tale that is a by-product of uncertain times.

--B.K. Berrell

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