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Chrysalis The Aleister Crowley Trilogy

Welcome to the house on Boleskine, home of Aleister Crowley. Head of the occult. A master of magick with the demonic gifts of deception and manipulation. The user and abuser of drugs and narcotics to achieve his own personal goals of transcendence and ascension. Using murder and mayhem as common tools, he's attempting to build his empire, and it looks like nothing stands in his way—except a loving mother and her powerfully gifted daughter. As the harbinger of dark magick and the religious leader of Thelema, a devious cult nestled in the bosom of Northern Scotland's Loch Ness, Aleister strives to create the ultimate hallucinogenic elixir, DMT, for the purpose of activating the pineal gland, a gland that, when activated, will give him the power of telepathic clairvoyance. His ultimate goal? To control and weaponize the interdimensional gateways we know as the portals.Rose McCall is a beautifully divine matriarch whose sole intent is to keep her powerful daughter safe from the clutches of Crowley, who views the daughter as his key to the portal system. Travel to totems from around the world as Aleister attempts to solidify his endgame and reach total ascension for the purpose of becoming a deity to mankind. Rose has different plans, as she uses Aleister's mental incompetence against him to thwart his fulfillment of Satanic totalitarian rule over this dimension and the countless multiverses throughout time. Good and evil are going to clash as the righteous now decide to fight Aleister. Chrysalis is the first in the Aleister Crowley Trilogy: The House on Boleskine.

--Lawrence Westdale

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