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Changing Roles...Taking care of Mom : A Caregiver's Guide to Losing Your Mind and a Glimpse into the Secrets of the Universe

After eight years of taking care of my aging mother who had suffered a stroke, the onset of Alzheimer's, and the likelihood of schizophrenia, I dare you not to lose your mind amid the drama-queen antics and the constant need for immediate gratification.

What makes this book different from others like it is the inescapable fact my mother had a gift. She was a psychic medium with a proven track record that helped a lot of people. On the other hand, her endless psychic channeling and nonstop conversations with the supernatural world made it very challenging for doctors and nurses to do their jobs.

Living with Mom was a roller-coaster ride filled with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. It was a journey filled with aimlessness frustration and numerous events that were beyond belief.

I will share with you situations that will require you to think fast on your feet. Things you can't learn from books. Little solutions that will help you save money and a few big things to watch out for so you don't lose everything.

But that's not the only thing this book is about. I will reintroduce you to something that you have already experienced many times in your life and took it for granted. A secret of the universe that God had given to each of us. This is something that is instinctive to all animals, religions teach it, and scientists are close to finding its true origin.

--N.D. Gulley

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