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Changeling: The Unremarkable Story of My Remarkable Life

This is the story of a child that was wrongly born male, and through revelation realized nature had made a serious mistake. It chronicles the struggles of dealing with a great and terrible secret, thinking there was no way out of the dilemma of being born the wrong sex. Trying to find a cure, that child tried many ways to conform to her biology, only to find out all her attempts were in vain. Then, after many long years of frustration, quite by accident, a door was opened. Call it fate, or divine intervention, that child, now an adult, was able to crossover the strange and mysterious void between the sexes and emerge a new and beautiful female creature; a Changeling. Finally mind, spirit, soul, and body were in agreement, and a wonderful new life journey began.

Like the ugly, repulsive caterpillar that abandons its life to become a beautiful, wondrous butterfly, I have lived, died, and come back as the whole woman I was meant to be.

--Susan Calvin

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