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Changed Lives

We all have a past—some more cheerful than others. Hard times usually hit each and everyone at some point and time. What steps are taken by us to improve life? Earn more money, spend more time with one another, or move to islands and leave old troubles behind. New ones will most more than likely arise. Will you hurdle obstacles or stop persevering? The chance meetings of these souls built unbreakable bonds that changed lives! Plenty of action, twist and turns. Titillating your every emotion while keeping you glued to your seat, this book aims for unpredictability, hope, desperation, greed, and fun. The dangers of choosing the wrong road of life have consequences that most aren't prepared to encounter. Is everyone that experiences prison bad? Who is most looked down upon here on earth? Who is commonly classified as scum or beneath others routinely? One never truly knows what can be handled in life until tested.

--Christopher Baskerville

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