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Championships Are Won at the Dinner Table

For Parents: Parents, if you are about to enter (or already have) your child in organized sports or activities, there is a possibility that you will invest thousands of dollars over the years in this form of lifelong education and fun. This book addresses the many positive and negative occurrences that you can expect and can be remedied through the years, which will help aid you in maximum benefit for your child!

For Coaches: Coaches, this book offers helpful tips for coaches to help eliminate possible negative distractions to your team and help make for a more enjoyable and rewarding coaching experience while accomplishing your team’s goals!

For first and second generation American parents: This book helps you to acclimate to the benefits of organized sports or activities, for your child or children, that your parents may not have been exposed to in their life.

“I went through it as a player—I went through it as a parent—I went through it as a coach.”

--Edward John-Andrew

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